The lab focuses on the mechanisms of signal transmission and processing in both the outer and inner retina.  In the outer retina, projects address how the molecular organization of the cone synapse supports efficient, parallel signaling.  In the inner retina, projects examine how signals from specific amacrine and bipolar cell converge on ganglion cells to endow them with specific tuning properties.  Inner retinal projects are collaborations with Dr Yongling Zhu.

  • Use STED, SMLM, and MINFLUX super-resolution microscopy to examine the nanoscopic organization of the cone photoreceptor synapse.  This includes innovating new approaches to tissue labeling, 3D image acquisition, and 3D images analysis.
  • Identify the proteins involved in cone synapse formation and maintenance using a combination of protein chemistry, proteomic analysis, transcriptomic analysis, and super-resolution microscopy.
  • Use transgenic mouse lines that express optogenetic indicators and effectors and viral vector technologies (AAV and monosynaptic rabies) to study synaptic signaling and signaling pathways in both the outer and inner synaptic layers of the retina.
  • Use 3D retinal organoid technologies to study cone synapse structure and function.


  • The lab is looking for a Senior Technologist (Masters or PhD level) who can innovate procedures and prepare tissues for various super-resolution microscopy imaging modalities.
  • The lab is looking for an experienced protein biochemist (PhD level and beyond).
  • Interested graduated students and post-docs are always welcome.